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What we do: We Let customers subscribe to local businesses.

Bars. Cafes. Stores. Restaurants.
All Industries. Anywhere.

Paid membership programs work. Some of the biggest companies depend on them. However, before AtPep, they were too hard for local businesses to manage and market. We've made it truly seamless for everyone. We want you to help us reach more businesses, and you'll get a share of their subscription sales.

Learn what you getrefer a business
AtPep Refer

Make up to $7000 per referral

Refer a business, help them add subscribers, and keep half of what we make. You get 30% of the net subscription sales we collect for each referred business, up to $7000. 

If you're a bartender, waiter, or barista, refer the place where you work. Anyone can join and refer. The more you refer and promote, the more you make.

Example: if you refer a bar, and they get 500 subscribers at $16 a month, you make $2620 per year. If you refer and promote 10 businesses, this all multiplies.

See why referrals are easy

refer with just a link. Businesses can start selling in 5 minutes.

Business benefit: MORE REPEAT VISITS

Subscriptions glue customers to a business. They visit more often, spend more money, and less elsewhere. The business builds a truly loyal customer base.


Customers love this experience. With more repeat visits, word-of-mouth spreads. The business now has a digital product to sell - perfect for making money off social media.

quickly add subscribers

There's no app to download or hardware to install. Everything works off Facebook. You can refer, have the business start selling, and make money in 5 minutes.

Refer any local business to AtPep. We work for all industries and geographies.

Here are some examples of membership plans. The business will set their own benefit & price.

Bars & nightlife
  • Member menu or drink of day
  • Offer happy hour to subscribers
  • No cover charge
  • Private table upgrade if unbooked
  • Exclusive member events
  • Special Pricing
Delis & Restaurants
  • Free lunch takeout for members
  • Free coffee for members
  • Free food / appetizer bonus
  • Member menu
  • Special Pricing
barbers & local services
  • Free haircut / service each month
  • Free service upgrade
  • Basic monthly service
  • Special Pricing
coffee shops
  • Free house coffee
  • Free food / app / refill
  • Dedicated tables for work / study
  • Special Pricing