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You tell us the price & perks - AtPep does the rest.
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have a specific coffee shop challenge? atpep can be tailored to address it.

  • Low spend per visit
    atpep increases average customer spend

    AtPep can increase average spend per customer by 25%. This comes from both more upselling and subscription fees.

    Not only do you keep the subscription sales, but you can also alter the buying habits of your customers so that they spend more.

    For example, create a daily plan for repeat customers. The plan may include a commonly purchased coffee plus a high margin snack for a discount to the regular price. There’s perceived value here; however, the customer needs to come in every day to make the most of it. Most do not, and the skipped days are your profit, and your average spend per customer increases.

    For those that study and don’t buy, consider creating a members-only work table. Create a subscription plan for $5/month and provide convenient outlets. It’s a benefit to these customers, and you create new sales.

    These are just two examples, and there are many more. AtPep lets you create the subscription price and benefit on your terms. Click Get Started and see exactly how this works.

  • getting new customers
    atpep delivers new customers to your business

    This is where AtPep truly shines. AtPep costs you nothing upfront, but it drives new customers to you in 3 ways.

    1) Your Facebook. AtPep lets you add a Buy button right to your page. For the first time, this lets you make money off your social media. Our data shows that one-third of your followers are not regular customers but would be interested in a subscription program. This means you can attract a large number of customers to both subscribe and come visit you.

    Let’s say you have 3000 likes on your page. If you were to get 1000 subscribers at $15 a month, you’d get nearly $200,000 of new revenue.

    This gives you a reason to focus on growing your social media. If you don’t already have a Facebook page, we’d be happy to help you set it up because we know it’ll help your business.

    2) Our App. We’re growing quickly, and once you sign up, we’ll add your coffee shop and plan to our app. This means our users will be able to find your coffee shop, getting you more exposure and brand new customers at no cost.

    3) Advertising. We take a percentage from each transaction and re-invest a big part of that into advertising your plan. This helps us both to grow and get more customers. It’s like getting a professional marketing agency working for you for free.

  • getting them to come back
    atpep is the perfect solution to get customers to come back

    Your best marketing always comes from your existing customers. Get more repeat customers, and they will tell their friends about your coffee shop and help you grow. Subscriptions are perfect for this because they glue customers to your coffee shop, making them loyal faster.

    Example plan benefits:
    - Free house coffee per visit
    - Discounted premium drinks
    - Free/discounted food item with purchase

    If you offer members a free house coffee, you can skip the payment experience altogether. Customers can just take their drink, flash their phone with their member card, and walk out. This will increase the transaction speed for those customers in a hurry (and make them very happy).

    AtPep lets you create a membership experience for your customers, making them feel extra special. This address the most common reason why coffee shops struggle with repeat customers - the experience is lacking. Customers want to feel special and your coffee shop needs to offer them a reason to come back.

    Now tell a customer they’re a member and their membership gets them a great benefit, and they’re your biggest advocate. Other coffee shops don’t make them feel this special.

    If you want to increase your repeat visits, create a subscription plan with value in mind. Your goal is to get these customers into a habit of coming to get their coffee at your shop. This is an investment in growing your base, which will translate into them referring more of their friends.

  • staying unique
    atpep helps your coffee shop be more unique

    Coffee shops are more than just about coffee. You have to create a unique experience for your customers. For this, AtPep lets you offer an experience that other shops do not provide.

    Customers love feeling special, and if your coffee shop lets them receive special membership benefits, why would they go elsewhere?

    The subscription doesn’t necessarily have to be about discounting, but it does require being creative.
    Example plan benefits: 
    - dedicated work/study table that’s reserved for members (build a co-working space right in your coffee shop!)
    - members-only menu that lets members try drinks that are experimental.
    - free house coffee every visit.

    It’s about keeping your coffee shop fresh and unique, and AtPep is flexible enough to accommodate. Click Get Started above and see exactly how this works.

Get new customers

Facebook Buy Button

Turn 1/3 of your followers into subscribers

Our data shows 1/3 of followers aren't already customers but would be very interested in a subscription program.

AtPep monetizes social media
AtPep monetizes social media

Facebook Buy Button

Turn 1/3 of your followers into subscribers

Our data shows 1/3 of followers aren't already customers but would be very interested in a subscription program.

AtPep business discovery

App + Ads

get new customers from our app and from our online advertising

We'll feature your business to our app users and send them your way for free.

We'll advertise your plan across Facebook and online. The more attractive your perks, the more we advertise it.

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Get more repeat visits

Subscriptions glue customers to you.

They come back more often, spend more money, and less elsewhere. You gain market share and build deeper relationships.

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AtPep Upsell

Sell more per customer

when customers feel special, they buy more.

As members come back more often, they are more likely to purchase add-ons. For example, your subscription may cover house coffee, but members will occasionally order premium lattes and breakfast items. Subscriptions glue customers.

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AtPep Subscriptions

Keep the subscription sales

Each month, you'll get money deposited from us right into your bank account.

You keep the subscriptions sales. Customers that you invite are yours to keep and will not see competitors' offers.

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