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AtPep runs takeout subscriptions for restaurants & cafés.

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Double your takeout sales

Get new & loyal customers

Batch prepare orders early

Double your takeout sales

AtPep lets customers prepay for multiple takeout orders from your business each month.

Offer one daily takeout item

Each day, only one takeout option is available for all members. This helps you capture new customers and prepare orders at once.

You set the daily special + monthly price

You set the daily menu item and the monthly price. Morning coffee, lunch, or dinner to-go!

Prepaid orders come early

Lunch ordered by 11am, dinner by 4pm.

Batch prepare orders and save time

Prepare orders at once and save time.

Example subscription plan. You keep the money.

$75/Month for 12 lunch takeouts.

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    Get new customers from our app

    Our app and ads will drive new customers to your business.

Get new customers on your plan

With our Facebook Buy button

Add it in 1-click to your Facebook. You can convert 1/3 of your Likes into new, loyal customers.

From our App + Ads

We'll feature your plan on our app and advertise it. You'll get more exposure and customers for free.

Get customers spending more

Customers save per order but prepay for many orders upfront. In total, you make more money from them.

AtPep Growth Plan
  1. 1

    Attract: Offer a discount on your daily takeout special.

  2. 2

    Convert: Customers prepay for up to 20 orders a month.

  3. 3

    Retain: Subscriptions auto-renew so they stay glued to you.

    Repeat & grow. Customers love it. You get steady cash flow and profit.

AtPep Peak Hour Sales

Lower costs. Batch prepare orders when less busy

Prepare all the orders at once and save time

Members place their takeout orders ahead of time, and all get the same order.

Sell more during peak hours

Lunch hour has never been easier or more profitable.

Free and easy to start. Plus, customers love it.